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I also read that this could be a problem on machines that have multiple =
processors, such as running DB2; if the data is clustered and each =
processor takes care of one cluster, then you could have queries all =
hitting the same processor instead of distributing the load across all =
processors, thus potentially slowing down queries in peak periods where =
you have multiple queries at the same time, if queries tend to be based =
on the month (such as bank statements).  Thus I'd proceed with caution =
on the idea of splitting one table into 24 tables with one view without =
making sure the other consequences of doing so are fully understood.

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  A view helps on deletes, but I wonder how it affects performance of =
querying the data- wouldn't storing the data in 24 different locations =
cause a significant slowdown in perfomance upon querying the data versus =
having it all in one table that is indexed?  If this data is queryied a =
lot but only deleted once a month, the time in querying (which probably =
is in peak time) could be much more important than the time in deleting =
(which could be run when the computer is not busy, such as nights or =
weekends). =20

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