Re: Dictionary problem with Parallel processing #2


I doubt if a view of a DICTIONARY file can do any better than the
since the view executes the underlying DICTIONARY file.

There are probably more sophisticated methods involving the underlying
operating system to know when each job is finished.  However, you might use
the EXIST function to loop through the required data sets until all
data sets exist.

Ian Whitlock

vijayakumar <vijayk.kannan@GMAIL.COM> wrote:

Dear Folks,

I am facing strange problem, my environment is Sun Solaris, SAS 9.1.3.


I want to create summary report for the libraries about no of obs,
when was the data set created and library name etc.

One main job started to run which in turn creates around 30 to 50
parallel jobs in which I have to create summary report specifically
for two libraries for all those parallel jobs.

 I have used dictionary. tables and dictionary. members to get the
report created but every now and then I am getting an error saying the
?Lock was not available for the dataset and held by some process?.

Solution in Mind:

Is this can be avoid if I use sashelp.vtable and sashelp.vslib? Since
as far as I know the dictionaries will open the libraries to get the
above said key things but these sashelp views can be other way around
to avoid these issue?

I need your expert?s advice on this to resolve this issue.

iw1sas (180)
12/22/2008 10:24:36 PM
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