Re: Running sas code on mainframe through SAS-UNIX #4

Something like this should be possible as I have done it in the past. Note
the "site filetype=jes" which submits your JCL/SAS Program to the MVS
internal reader.

ftp -nv hostname << EOT
user userid/password
lcd jcldirectory
site filetype=jes
put sasjobwithjcl

You should get back something like "250 Transfer completed successfully"
and "known to JES as <jobnumber>"


On Fri, 15 Sep 2006 13:15:48 +0200, Robert Bardos <bardos2@ANSYS.CH> wrote:

>I ought to be busily doing other things so I'll just sketch out a
>possible solution.
>Others may chime in and provide you with detailed steps (or better
>yet: find someone at your installation knowledgeable in both ftp
>and JES2/JES3).
>You can submit jobs ("JCL") to MVS thru ftp. There is even the
>possibility to get output back via ftp.
>Since I never did it, I can't give you a better description right
>As I said: maybe someone who already did this has more to offer.
>Hope this serves as a starting point.
>Robert Bardos
>Ansys AG, Z�rich, Switzerland
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>Gesendet: Freitag, 15. September 2006 07:17
>Betreff: Running sas code on mainframe through SAS-UNIX
>Hi Friends,
>I have on JCL followed by sas code on MAINFRAME.I need to run this
>from SAS -unix session.
>Please help me out...
9/15/2006 4:37:51 PM
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