Re: SAS V9.1 SQL table name re-use issue - Thanks!

Thanks to Peter and Bas and I will start using undopolicy=none should I
like to replace a table.



On Wed, 7 Sep 2005 12:08:10 -0400, Peter Crawford
<peter1.crawford@CITIGROUP.COM> wrote:

>On Wed, 7 Sep 2005 11:42:25 -0400, T J <tjpush@YAHOO.COM> wrote:
>>Hi everyone,
>>Before SAS 9 I have lots of SQL codes that re-uses an existing table name
>>and there was no warning msg.
>>data A; do i = 1 to 5 ; x= ranuni(0); output ; end; run;
>>data b; do i = 1 to 5; y=ranuni(0); output; end; run;
>>proc sql;
>>  create table a as
>>  select a.*, b.y
>>   from a, b
>>  where a.i = b.i;
>>Now in SAS 9, I will get this warning every time:
>>15   proc sql;
>>16     create table a as
>>17     select a.*, b.y
>>18      from a, b
>>19     where a.i = b.i;
>>WARNING: This CREATE TABLE statement recursively references the target
>>table. A consequence of this is a possible data integrity problem.
>>NOTE: Table WORK.A created, with 5 rows and 3 columns.
>>I wonder how everyone is dealing with this situation.  Is there an option
>>that we can use to turn off this particular warning?
>>T J
>before a create statement that replaces any of its inputs, use
> reset undopolicy = none;
>When you want to reinstate normal support/control, use
> reset undopolicy = optional;  *or required;
>see undoPolicy among the options on the proc sql statement, at
>Peter Crawford
>surprisingly proc sql ; accepts both
>   reset undo_policy =
>   reset undopolicy  =
tjpush (19)
9/7/2005 6:46:01 PM
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