Version 9 - Font_Face defaulting to SAS Monospace

I've a question about version 9 and ODS.

When I ran the code below using version 8.2, the RTF document rendered
the PUT statements in Times New Roman. But when I ran the same code
using version 9.1.2, the title, footnote and the PUT statements were in
SAS Monospace.


ods rtf file=3D"T:\Tables.rtf" bodytitle style=3Dminimal;
ods escapechar=3D'^';

title j=3Dc "^S=3D{font_size=3D3 font_weight=3Dbold}" "Tables";
footnote  j=3Dc "^S=3D{font_size=3D1 }" "%sysfunc(date(), worddate.) at

data _null_;=20
        file print;=20
        put / @20 "^S=3D{font_size=3D2 }" "Total Number of Records is
&count."   /
                  @40 "^S=3D{font_size=3D2 }" "Total Number of Possible
Records is &total."     ;


I discovered that if I changed the TITLE and FOOTNOTE code to include

title j=3Dc "^S=3D{font_size=3D3 font_weight=3Dbold font_face=3D'Times =
New Roman'
}" "Tables";
footnote  j=3Dc "^S=3D{font_size=3D1 font_face=3D'Times New Roman' }"=20
                        "%sysfunc(date(), worddate.) at

I get Times New Roman.

But when trying to apply it to the PUT statements, there's no change -
still SAS Monospace.

What am I missing here?  Is there a specific Template I need to modify
to change the default font face for DATA _NULL_?

data _null_;=20
        file print;=20
        put / @20 "^S=3D{font_size=3D2 font_face=3DTimesNewRoman }" =09
                                "Total Number of Records is &count"  /
                @40     "^S=3D{font_size=3D2 font_face=3DTimesNewRoman }" =09
                                "Total Number of Possible Record is
&total." ;

Thanks for any suggestions ideas etc...

John Gerstle=20
CDC Information Technological Support Contract (CITS)=20
yzg9 (334)
9/8/2004 10:26:29 PM
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