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Hi Everyone:

I hope you are all having a great Holiday Season.  Upcoming in February 201=
7 is Predictive Analytics World Manufacturing in D=C3=BCsseldorf, Germany. =
 More information below.=20

Predictive Analytics World Manufacturing is being held February 2-3, 2017, =
in D=C3=BCsseldorf, Germany.  The role of data in manufacturing has traditi=
onally been understated. Manufacturing generates about a third of all data =
today, and this is certainly going to increase significantly in the future.=
 Data forms the backbone of all Digital Manufacturing technologies, which w=
ill be the centerpiece of the strategy for advancing Manufacturing in the 2=
1st century.=20

Rarely does a German-language term become an international buzzword. Even m=
ore rarely does such a term come from a government initiative. The German f=
ederal government has created such a miracle of innovation by shaping the t=
erm "industry 4.0" at the Hanover fair in 2011 as the interlacing of indust=
rial production with intelligent information technology. Since then, much h=
as been written and talked about Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, Big =
Data, Smart Factories and Artificial Intelligence. With Predictive Analytic=
s World Manufacturing, we are taking a step further: our speakers will show=
 you what they have already done in practice with well-known companies and =
what economic benefits the companies have drawn from it.

Predictive Analytics World Manufacturing D=C3=BCsseldorf  is packed with th=
e top predictive analytics experts, practitioners, and business thought lea=
ders, including keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Wil van der Aalst, Distinguished =
University Professor, Eindhoven University of Technology.=20

The lectures at Predictive Analytics World Manufacturing are presented by e=
xperts for experts and presents specific applications and business scenario=
s of predictive analytics in the context of industrial production. As a par=
ticipant you will get to know the application possibilities of predictive a=
nalytics in the broad range and learn how the presented solutions work in d=
etail. Predictive Analytics World would like to both inform and inspire and=
 is a forum for the professional exchange of experienced experts and intere=
sted (cross) beginners.

PAW Manufacturing focuses on real-world examples of deployed predictive ana=
lytics. Attend and hear how some of the world's largest and most forward-th=
inking manufacturers are tapping the powering predictive modeling to improv=
e business outcomes. Click here to view the agenda at-a-glance.

The PAW Manufacturing agenda covers hot topics and advanced methods such as=
 forecasting, cost and price modeling, supply chain connectivity, warranty =
data analytics, text mining for product development, visualization and dash=
boards, fault detection, failure prediction, in-process verification tools,=
 machine system/sensor health, process monitoring and correction, product d=
ata mining, Big Data generation and management, and the Internet of Things.

Objectives of the Conference:=20

=E2=80=A2	Showcase the features and advantages of deploying Predictive Anal=
ytics and Big Data techniques within manufacturing community=20
=E2=80=A2	Exchange ideas and communicate awareness of tools and resources w=
hich enable companies to jumpstart adoption of Predictive Analytics and Big=

Two broad themes will be the focus of the conference -=20

Predictive Analytics for Manufacturing Operations:=20
=E2=80=A2	Forecasting=20
=E2=80=A2	Cost and Price modeling=20
=E2=80=A2	Supply chain connectivity
=E2=80=A2	Warranty data analytics
=E2=80=A2	Text mining for product development
=E2=80=A2	Visualization and Dashboards

Predictive Analytics for Smart Manufacturing:=20
=E2=80=A2	Predictive Maintenance & Logistics
=E2=80=A2	Outlier & Anomaly Detection
=E2=80=A2	Fault Prediction & Failure Detection=20
=E2=80=A2	Risk Management & Prevention
=E2=80=A2	Supply Chain Analytics
=E2=80=A2	Image & Video Recognition
=E2=80=A2	Internet of Things & Smarte Sensoren
=E2=80=A2	Stream Mining & Real-time Prediction
=E2=80=A2	Machine, Ensemble & Deep Learning
=E2=80=A2	Process Mining & Network Analyses
=E2=80=A2	Model Management & Model Factory

Join PAW Manufacturing and access the best keynotes, sessions, workshops, e=
xposition, expert panel, live demos, networking coffee breaks, reception, b=
irds-of-a-feather lunches, brand-name enterprise leaders, and industry heav=
yweights in the business.

Register by January 13, 2017 and save up to =E2=82=AC300:  http://predictiv=

Bring the Team Offer:  Each additional and simultaneously registered partic=
ipant of the same company receives =E2=82=AC100 discount on the registratio=
n fee 1-day ticket and =E2=82=AC200 discount on the registration fee 2-day =
ticket. [Discounts may not be combined.] =20

What is predictive analytics? See the Predictive Analytics Guide: www.predi=

If you'd like our informative event updates, sign up at: www.predictiveanal=

To sign up for the PAW group on LinkedIn, see: www.linkedin.com/e/gis/10050=

Follow PAW on Twitter: http://twitter.com/pawcon/

Predictive Analytics World for Manufacturing Dusseldorf =E2=80=93 Feb 2-3, =
2017 - http://predictiveanalyticsworld.de/manufacturing/dusseldorf2017/
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Predictive Analytics World for Business San Francisco Workshops =E2=80=93 M=
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Predictive Analytics World for Workforce =E2=80=93 May 14-18, 2017 - http:/=
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Predictive Analytics World for Business Chicago =E2=80=93 June 19-22, 2017 =
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Predictive Analytics World for Business Chicago Workshops =E2=80=93 June 19=
-22, 2017 - http://www.predictiveanalyticsworld.com/chicago/2017/analytics_=
Predictive Analytics World for Manufacturing =E2=80=93 June 19-22, 2017 - h=
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