Mac - Launch wxWidgets App from separate mac app with cmd line parameters


I have written a service to launch our wxWidgets Application when the
user selects the menu item in the  Services menu. The wxWidgets
Application is configured to accept command line parameters when
starting from the terminal window. I am launching the wxWidgets
Application using Mac Launch Services call LSOpenFromURLSpec. I created
an apple event descriptor (AEDesc) and added the parameters to pass
into the AEDesc for the launch spec. This is not working, the
application will launch but the parameters are ignored. Do I need to
add an impementation in the wxMyApp::MacOpenFile to read the
parameters. The wxWidgets implementation looks like it only handles the
basic file open given a file path. I am very new to wxWidgets, any
guidance would be helpful. I currently think launching from the command
line with parameters does not translate into launching from launch
services programmatically passing the same parameters.



11/9/2005 6:02:01 PM
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