MiniTime 1.05 released

Version 1.05 of MiniTime is now available for download from:

MiniTime is a small application that displays the date/time in a small
icon or window. It was written as a replacement for SmallTime which does
the same thing but doesn�t run on modern hardware and the licence
doesn�t allow for altered versions to be distributed.

This version adds a couple of new options, and has a few corrections. In
addition, the code base has been cleaned up with some dead code removed
and various routines refactored.

The calendar now has an optional titlebar so that it can be moved to a
different location.

Another new option is: 'Keep screen position'. When this is on, the time
window is moved back to its previous position when it has been moved by
another task, eg a virtual desktop application.

The option 'Catch mode change' didn't do anything as there was no code
attached. This option has been removed, now the time window is always
repositioned when the desktop font or screen mode is changed.

Further changes in this version are:

 - Calculation of maximum width of time string made more robust.

 - Insert date at cursor now allows use of top-bit-set characters.

 - If calendar was open on a font/mode change it wasn't repositioned.

 - Adjust click on prev/next month/year moves in opposite direction.

 - Make sure that the sprite ptr_point is present in wimp sprite pool.

MiniTime can be freely distributed under the 3-clause BSD licence, and
comes with the source included. As always all feedback is welcome.

Fred Graute

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