Qercus (Acorn User / Acorn Publisher) binders

The new Qercus binders will be available within 2 weeks and we're taking
orders now. They are available in dark blue with the Qercus logo in gold on
the spine. The binders will match previous Acorn Publisher binders but will
hold 14 copies of the magazine so Qercus readers will have a spare string
for notes and indexes whilst Acorn Publisher readers will have room for two
years' issues including two annual special issues of Qercus.

Qercus is well-worth collecting so order your binder today.

Binders will cost 8.95 each inc UK postage and may (just) be available at

Until the end of May new subscribers starting their subscription with issue
268, and ordering a binder at the same time, will receive their first issue
ie UK subscription + binder = 49.95 + 8.95 = 58.90 for year's subscription
from issue 269 with issue 268 free.

Orders should be sent to "Finnybank Ltd" 30 Finnybank Road Sale M33 6LR or
by phone to 0161 969 9820. Cheques or cards can be accepted.

Binders and magazines will be despatched together as soon as the binders
are available.

John Cartmell editor Qercus  - editor@qercus.com  www.qercus.com
	Qercus: a fusion of Acorn Publisher & Acorn User magazines
one magazine for graphics & design  -  one magazine for all RISC OS users
	Finnybank Ltd 30 Finnybank Rd Sale M33 6LR  == 0161 969 9820

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