Canon i560 printer won't print black

I have an i560 printer. It has suddenly stopped printing black.
I have the service manual, but it doesn't give any circuit diagrams.
Can anyone help?

I looked on the internet, and a number of people have had this problem,
but most of the answers tell them to replace the ink cartridge - as if
that was not the first thing anyone intelligent would do!

I have played around with it, and I find that if I plug it into my
laptop it prints a Word text document perfectly - so the black cartidge
and printhead must be O.K.

When I use my RISC PC it doesn't print, so it would appear that the
printer has lost the ability to print graphics, although it will print

I printed out the test page from the printer on its own (i.e. not using
the computer), and again, it printed all the colours, but no black.

So I think it's an electronic fault, but I can't find a circuit diagram.

Alan Griffin

ajg1 (372)
10/3/2009 1:20:02 PM
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