A better way to make Infocom games hard drive installable?

Many moons ago (actually, it's getting close to 25 years now) someone 
wrote a program to patch Infocom's "Version B" interpreter to run as a 
ProDOS application:


It's very quick-and-dirty, a hack on the original code.

For about 15 years now, I've considered whether it might be possible to 
attempt to port another Z-code interpreter.  Generally, the code has been 
a bit too complex for the poor little machine *cough* and I haven't been 
able to prune it into something usable.  The most "Apple-like" of these 
interpreters, and thus the one I've tended to look at the most, was 
InfoTaskForce's.  (Keep in mind, I'm only talking about supporting version 
3 of the machine, for simplicity's sake.  The majority of official 
releases were for version 3.)

I've also thought about writing my own interpreter.  This is way over my 
head, even as one who has written emulators before.

I'm still considering ways this may be doable.

12/20/2016 12:28:32 PM
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