Sean Robinson, founder of commodorecomputerclub.com, is a thief

This is a warning to anyone who may be thinking of becoming involved
with the Commodore Computer Club USA

Its founder, Sean Robinson (aka almightyarcade and seanrox) is a liar, 
cheat, fraud, and thief.

He has spent time in jail in California for defrauding people who
collect arcade games.  A lot of people lost money and games to his
dishonesty, and we feel that it is our duty to bring his behavior to the
attention of anyone who may potentially be duped by him regarding his
use of the Commodore name.

One example:


There are a lot more.  Search Google Groups for 'sean robinson' and 
'almightyarcade' or 'seanrox', and you'll find that this goes back over 15 
years.  rec.games.video.arcade.collecting is a good group to start with.

Sean, you swindling piece of shit.  I swore I'd never let you rest after
you lied to me, cheated me, and completely fucked me over.  Now it's my
turn, and I will do anything I can to stop you from pulling your shit
8/15/2015 6:38:48 AM
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