Access Client Solutions system configuration problem

In IBM i Access for Windows, in the properties for a system 
configuration, one of the connection features is "Where to lookup remote 
port".  The possible values are System, Local and Standard.

This configuration feature is missing in Access Client Solutions.  It 
seems to behave as if System is the default.  That's causing problems 
for one system I use.  In Access for Windows, I had to change it to 
Standard to get any service to connect.  A colleague mentioned it seems 
to be connected to our VPN - when colleagues are in a company facility 
connecting directly to the network, they can use System, but if they're 
working remotely using the VPN, they can only connect to this one system 
when they specify Standard.  Without this configuration feature, it 
won't be possible to connect to this system using ACS.

Has anyone else dealt with this, and possibly found a workaround, or a 
hidden means to specify the port resolution?  I've scoured the ACS 
documentation and come up empty-handed.

11/9/2016 1:20:54 AM
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