Consume and provide WEB Services with EZ4WEBSERV (Easy400 Web Servicing)

December 12, 2016 release of EZ4WEBSERV adds to the existing product a new technique for quickly providing Web services.
This technique, much easier than SOAP and REST, does not need the IBM i Integrated Web Services (IWS) nor WebSphere Application System (WAS).
It just requires some ILE-RPG skill and some familiarity with HTTP directives.
Programmers used to develop CGI programs with CGIDEV2 are immediately productive.
V5R3 is the minimum OS/400 release.
The product includes sources, is free and will stay free for a few weeks.
Documentation available at http://www.easy400.net/ez4webserv/html/page1.htm .

Giovanni B. Perotti
www.easy400.net site owner 
12/12/2016 6:03:14 PM
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