Archive Python and Peregrine


Python Family
Python is the code name for the first generation of DAT tape drives 
originally trademarked by Archive Corporation which was later purchased 
by Conner Peripherals, which later merged with Seagate Technology's Inc..

The Python DAT drives are fully DDS, DDS-DC, DDS-2, SCSI 1, and SCSI-2 
compliant. Capacities range from 1.3 gigabytes and up to 8 gigabytes 
(using hardware compression). All Pythons adhere to standard SCSI 
specifications. Python devices have single ended passive SCSI 
interfaces. The internal tape units utilize 11-pin resistor pack 
terminators rated at 220/330 ohms. External tape units utilize an 
external 50 ohm passive SCSI terminator. A Python drive is identified 
during system boot up as an "Archive Python xxxxx-xxx" (xxxxx-xxx 
indicating firmware part number) and if the system allows the firmware 
version will also be listed. Python drives use 2.xx or 4.xx firmware. 
The python family encompasses approximately 80 different models which 
have been sold under different marketing skews and configuration.

Peregrine Family

The Peregrine family of DAT's are second generation drives which were 
put into production in early 1995 by Conner Peripherals. They were 
direct replacements for the Python drives. Capacities range from 2.0 
gigabytes and up to 8 gigabytes (using hardware compression). All 
Peregrine DAT drives are fully DDS, DDS-DC, DDS-2, compliant and contain 
an embedded SCSI controller that supports SCSI-2 (ANSI X3.131, 199x). 
Drives are equipped with a 1 megabyte on-drive buffer. These drives 
provide a native transfer rate of 400 kilobytes/second (KB/sec) before 
the additional enhancement of hardware data compression. In addition all 
Peregrine drives are equipped with flash EEPROM's but are still 
identified on system boot up as an "Archive Python xxxxx-xxx" for 
compatibility reasons. All Peregrine drives display a firmware version 
of 5.xx.
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