OT - Anyone has a working Baby/36 (5364) ?

Hi !
I'm trying to revive a 5634, with a faulty VRM module ... the 1.7V isn't 
present anymore ... all other voltages are right ...
I'm looking for a working 5364 and a "good man" with a voltage tester 
which will do some test for me ;-)
The design it's a bit involved ... two cards back to back, receiving a 
375 AC (witn mean value different from zero) from the PSU in the first 
card, which receive also +5, +12 from the MB. The daugther card seems to 
generate the 1.7V.
The two cards are connected by two yellow wires: the voltage across them 
is zero, so I think the damage is in the first card, but I could be 
All transistors and caps are in discrete conditions (no shorts, but I 
didn't check the ESR, I'm waiting for the new ESR tester to come ...).
The only ICs are a 3525 and a LM358...
11/15/2009 1:36:40 PM
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