Macs and Mac Users. A Rant.


Macs and Mac Users. A Rant.
March 26, 2008 tragicallyunhip

Yanno. for years we've had to listen to Mac users go on and on and ON in the 
superior tone about how great Macs are and about how they just never break. 
Well, let me tell you, I have spent enough years in IT to know they do. A 

My last job was at a company whose graphics department was, as you might 
expect, Mac-based. And I spent just as much time down there working on them 
as I did ANY PC.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. What about the whole Mav VS PC 
thing? What about those annoying "I'm a Mac" ads? I tell you, I want to get 
that obnoxious Mac guy and bash his face in with a $*^&ing hammer! Why do 
Mac feel the need to slag off PCs just to advertise their own product? Have 
they got nothing to say about their own hardware and software that speaks 
for itself? Does everything have to be based on this ridiculous childish 
anti-PC thing? Yanno what Mac? NOBODY GIVES A SHIT! Get over yourselves. 
Advertise your product based on its own (limited) merits. Christ, even 
entering the network properties of a Mac OS to see the PCs you're connected 
to in your network, the icon for the PCs is a crappy looking old beige 
monitor with a BSOD error on it! I mean, GROW UP! Nobody wants to know. And 
speaking of BSOD, I have one word Mac: LEOPARD! Code name Train Wreck!

Oh and that reminds me; Mac works with everything right out of the box, huh? 
Use one version of OS and you can use them all? Vista is the only OS that 
required users to upgrade their software to keep working? Well, go have a 
look at the mess that is Adobe CS3 and Mac compatibility! Yanno, Adobe? The 
one company you're absolutely totally SUPPOSED to run on a Mac if it's to be 
any good?!?!?

Which brings me to the whole Vistas thing. Why do Mac user constantly feel 
the need to slam Vista? I'll tell you why, shall I? It's because it's good 
and they know it! It's got some cool features Leopard has just ripped right 
off. (Check out that hideous transparent lump that goes across the top of 
the screen. Is it a task bar? Whatever the hell it's called. Change your 
background image and see what mess it makes of that white/see-through bar. 
And that's just one silly cosmetic example.) And at least Vista's a new 
product. Mac users: you're getting ripped off!! Yet another version of OSX? 
Please! And each time they bring out the same thing with a new toy or two 
added to it you get charged the price to a full new OS!?! You're taking that 
one up the ass, boys and girls! Windows released something akin to that a 
few years ago; it was a free service pack for XP!

And without question the very worst part: This constant need for Mac users 
to convert PC users to Mac! What's up with that? If I wanted a Mac, I'd GET 
one! It isn't a competition. Five minutes after the final piece of bubble 
wrap is in the bin they are all like "oh, I'd never use anything else ever 
again. You should get one, they'd be great for you!"

Oh, f*&$ off! 

rotten (2093)
10/9/2009 6:09:01 PM
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