Design Master Class is BACK!

Hello FileMaker Developers!

The Design Master Class is back=97and nearly half the seats are filled
already. Contact us today to reserve your place!

This summer's Design Master Class follows the FileMaker DevCon on the
weekend of July 20th, 2012. We'll follow a "Late Night" format that
shifts work sessions into the evening, leaving two daytime slots for
class tours of inspiring design examples in Miami. In addition, the
Master Class will convene remotely for one online session early in
July, before everyone meets in Miami.


Live and breathe the principles of good design at SmallCo's FileMaker
Design Master Class, inside the famed Harum-Alvarez home, built using
the very same principles* that Albert uses to design software. The
Green House was laid out with the Master Class in mind, with a
spacious Great Room for meeting and private spots to curl up for
individual work, including sun rooms, window seats, porches, terraces,
worksites by the swimming hole and even a hammock strung between
towering trees on the wooded park-like site.

At the Master Class, the curriculum is your own work. Experienced
FileMaker developers bring a FileMaker solution--your Master Piece--
and advance that solution over three days onsite. Renowned design guru
Albert Harum-Alvarez pushes, prods, cajoles, leads by example and
finally convinces you and your peers to transform your applications in
ways you hadn't imagined, all for the benefit of your clients and your
business' bottom line. NOTE: admission to the Master Class is by
interview, to experienced developers only.

*See the works by Christopher Alexander and Stewart Brand at:


MOON OVER MIAMI: FileMaker Design Master Class at SmallCo's Jungle
March 10-12 (initial 90-minute web conference on Monday, March 8)

The Late Night Master Class at SmallCo's Jungle Branch office is once
again well-suited for teamwork. Bring a buddy and both receive a $200
discount. Bring a colleague working on the same master piece for half
price. Stay an extra day, and enjoy a Design Tour of Miami. For more
on the location of the class, visit:


Admission is open to advanced developers only. Please read on for


"The Master Class was the best training class I ever took. It changed
my life!"
Dr. Florence Haseltine, The National Institutes of Health, Washington,

"The Master Class hurt like a deep tissue massage. But I came back for
Rob Russell, Sumware Consulting, Auckland, NZ

=91Beautiful presentations with very evocative images...Albert=92s
insights and metaphors are always a joy to listen to. His style,
though soft-spoken, encourages risk-taking.=91
John Stephenson, Harvard University

=91Thoroughly enjoyed the three days! From the very start the light
bulbs were popping on and I could see where improvements in our
designs could be easily made.=92
Doug Munich, FileMaker developer, Vancouver

=91The quality and content of the class was well thought out, and
presented in a stellar fashion. I would not hesitate to recommend the
class to other developers.=92
Andy Knasinski, NRG Software

=91One of the best learning experiences I=92ve had in a long time. I liked
working on REAL stuff and looking at other people=92s REAL stuff. I=92ve
moved to a whole new level.=92
Florence Ross, RN, Alberta

FileMaker Inc. has sent four of its own staff to the Master Class.
Maybe it's time you checked out the class yourself!


"Inspired Design at Inspiring Places"

SmallCo's Design Master Class is the Advanced Degree of the FileMaker
world. See more at:



Is it time for you to get away, so you can get some real work done?
You know how it goes: as long as you're near the phone, near the boss,
near that demanding client, you won't have the time or space to do the
kind of DEEP redesign that will truly benefit the people who depend
upon you. It's really in their best interests that you spend some time
away! (We're not kidding...)

For over a decade, SmallCo has given you the space to stretch out,
design-wise and otherwise, in the Master Class. Get away to Miami
Beach, Paris, India, The Hamptons or one of the dozen other Master
Class locations around the globe. We also host Design Retreats at your
convenience at select sites across the U.S.

If you need basic FileMaker training, this class is not for you. The
Master Class is a wide-ranging 'graduate-level' course for experienced
FileMaker developers who intend to take their work to the next level,
in terms of user experience, information architecture, prototyping and

Admission is by interview only. Attendees should be advanced
developers with a thorough grounding in relational design concepts and
at least three years of development experience. Two or three
developers from the same organization regularly attend, and there are
discounts available on tuition for team members.

The quality of your fellow students is one of the greatest benefits of
the Master Class. You'll be working with your peers: professional and
well-qualified FileMaker developers.

In the conservatory tradition, the Master Class focuses on the work
that students bring to the class: their 'master pieces.' The master
piece may be either a new project or a revision of an existing
application. Over the course of three days, students advance their
work using the design principles set forth by the instructor. At the
end of the last day, students present BEFORE & AFTER shots of their
work. The results are often quite stunning. and always surprising.

Students don't finish a redesign over the course of three days. The
momentum gained in the class starts a process that continues
afterwards for weeks, months or longer. Students report that the class
changes the way they think about design. For quotes from students,
visit http://smallco.net/classes.

For the March in Miami class, tuition is $2450 US. Bring a buddy and
both receive a $200 discount. Bring a colleague working on the same
master piece for half price. Tuition must be received at least two
weeks prior to the class to reserve the seat.

Albert Harum-Alvarez is principal of SmallCo, one of the original
FileMaker Partners and a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum Member.
Albert holds a Master Teacher degree from the University of Miami, as
well as a Music Bachelor's from Oberlin Conservatory. His teaching
experience includes seven FileMaker DevCons, as well as classroom
experience in venues ranging from college teaching to a two-year stint
as a substitute teacher in South Central Los Angeles. There is nothing
Albert loves more than creating the 'teachable moment' for interested
and engaged students. The Design Master Class is, in this sense, the
'perfect classroom.'

To apply for the class, please call:

Rosalyn Martir (305)582-2229
US & Canada: 877-66-small (877-667-6255) ext. 4
UK: +44 (0)20 7096 1325 ext. 4
International: +1 (305) 428-2434 ext. 4


SmallCo is a design consultancy with offices in Miami, Orlando and New
York. SmallCo clients include Apple Inc., Fidelity Investments,
Harvard University, The New York Public Library, SFMOMA, Time Inc. and
other small and large companies in North America and Europe.
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