HD won't mount (?) on boot

AlBk 1.5GHz 512MB OS X.3.9

This comp won't finish booting as of Mon night. Verbose mode shows:    

CSRHIDTransitionDriver::start after command - e00002ed
//5 more iterations//
disk0s3: I/O error.
//something about not being journaled or not being able to read
disk0s3: I/O error.
//9 more iterations//
//comp hangs//

Upon resetting Open Firmware, the above is repeated *except* that after 
the initial I/O error I get:

Load of /sbin/mach_init, errno 5, trying /etc/mach_init
Load of /etc/,ach_init failed, errno 2

Disk Repair from CD - HD couldn't unmount

Apple Repair Tools gives error: 2STF/8/3: ATA-100 ata-6-Master
Googling reveals that this is not (recently) uncommon, and that either 
the HD or controller (?) are 'having problems'. Oh, really?  lol

Using FW Target mode - (now stuck) CD and HD initially appear.
I managed to see part of a directory before the spinning ball appeared.

Prior to all of this, life was good. The only recently installed app was
Firefox late New Year's Day. No suspicious activity until last night when
I noticed the brightness keys for the display were not working. Then I
noticed the volume keys not working. The problems cited above appeared on


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1/5/2006 6:28:49 PM
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