partition is fine - just won't mount

I'm running OS X Panther 10.3.9 on an older G4 desktop. I boot from a
20 gig internal hard drive and have a 200 gig Maxtor divided into two
100 gig partitions. I am running Hi-Cap software to get around the 128
meg drive limit, so I can access all the space on the Maxtor.

Friday night, one of the partitions on the Maxtor failed to mount,
while the other was present as usual. I had a couple of freezes
accessing the mounted partition, so I presumed the worst and backed up
all my files that I could get to. All of my music is on the unmounted

Disk Utility says that the absent partition is fine and can be mounted,
but is unable to do so. There were quite a few problems with the
mounted partition however, and I ran a number of repair passes on the
drive itself until told that both partitions were repaired and good.
However, partition #2 still could not be mounted from within Disk

In spite of fixing partition #1, I had another bout of freezes accesing
it and again repaired it with Disk Utiltiy, making multiple passes
until told it was repaired. After some trial and error figuring out how
to do it, I also checked everything out from the command line, running
both disktools and diskutil repairs on the drive and was told it was
fine. Since then, I've had no further trouble from the mounted
partition. Disk Utilities verifies both volumes on the drive as good to
go, but #2 still will not mount..

Using 'mount' and diskutil's mount function, I am told that they have
successfully mounted the volume, but it does not appear on my desktop,
nor when I ls mounted Volumes.

In desperation I booted in single user and ran applejack on my boot
drive, though it wasn't giving me any obvious trouble. Again, there
turned out to be some problems, but I ran the repair feature until told
it was fixed, but this had no effect on mounting the problem partition.

Suspicious that the Maxtor had problems which might reappear, I have
periodically run diagnostics of several kinds on it, but everything I
use tells me all my drives are in great shape and are good to go, but
the partition still cannot be mounted. Any help out there?

Thanks in advance.

9/4/2006 9:18:32 PM
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