Creating window from window object in nib file

I have to be looking right through what I want.

My app comes up with the main window from the nib, just like it should. 
The stuff I've done so far works as planned, and the results get 
displayed as text in the main window - just as expected. Now I want to 
open up another window, using a different window from the nibfile, so I 
can display some stuff that the main window is already displaying 
textually, but do it as a graphic in the new window using a customized 
NSView. In IB, I've subclassed MyCustomNSView from NSView, instantiated 
it, created the files, created MyCustomNSViewWindow, dropped a custom 
NSView into it, and all the rest needed to set up the window in IB.  

I'm apparently blind - I've tried searching in the docs using every 
variant I can think of that seems to make any sense, but I can't find a 
"Make me a new window using MyCustomNSViewWindow from the nib file" 

I know I *COULD*, but don't want to have it show up at "awakeFromNib" or 
"appDidFinishLaunching" or similar time - It makes no sense to have it 
visible until after the user has done "other stuff" to generate the data 
that's supposed to be displayed graphically. 

What method am I looking for???
8/8/2012 7:35:32 AM
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maybe its [NSBundle loadNibNamed:@"nameWithoutNibExtension" owner:self]; ?


8/20/2013 2:01:50 PM