I've done something *WEIRD* in XCode... suggestions?

OK, here's the situation - Running 10.4.11, with XCode 2.5 (As good as 
this rig can run - unless you're buying, please save the suggestions 
that involve buying a new machine) 

The other day, after literally years of no problems at all (at least, 
none not of my own making through either ignorance or poor planning) I 
apparently did *SOMETHING* wrong. And weird...

After chasing down a problem I'd been having in a project, I selected a 
chunk of code inserted specifically for debugging, and cmd-Xed it out of 
one of my source files, punched a cmd-Y to build-and-debug, and sat back 
for the compile to finish. It was late, and I'd already had a long day, 
so it isn't too surprising to me that I nodded off sometime during the 
compile. When I jerked awake with the mouse still in my hand, and the 
other hand resting on the keyboard typing what turned out to be a 
many-screens-long string of "sssssssssssssssssssssssssssss" into a 
scratch file I'd had open, I found that the compile was completed, and I 
started putting the code through its paces. 

At first, all seemed normal. Then I hit a breakpoint. That's when things 
got weird...

The "Debugger Console" window, where I dump all my diagnostics, had the 
chunk of code I'd chopped out - looking as though I'd pasted the whole 
block into it. No biggie, I thought - I must have right-clicked and 
jiggled just enough to do a paste - or maybe I somehow hit a paste 
command while I was zonked out. Or something... 

Except that ever since (A bit over a week ago now - and this includes at 
least two reboots, so it's not just something hanging around in RAM), 
the first time I hit a breakpoint after starting a new debug session, I 
get the same thing - when I look at the Debugger Console window, the 
block of code I cut out of that source file last week is being pasted 
into the debugger console, and treated as if it were a command I issued.

And it's driving me utterly batshit!

Can anyone point me at places to look to undo whatever it was I did? 
I've looked everywhere that seems to make any sense at all, and come up 
empty - Whatever it was I did *COULDN'T* have been all that complex, 
since I did it while (literally!) asleep - A click, a right-click, some 
command/shift/option/control-click combination, or a left-hand-only 
keyboard shortcut of some sort. 

Among other things, I've wiped the XCode plist out of 
~/Library/Preferences, and gone through every pane of preferences XCode 
has to offer, looking for anything that makes sense - Whacking the plist 
did nothing (Except screw up some of the things I've set up over the 
years, but those were easily put right). Nothing I've looked at in prefs 
makes any sense as a "suspect" (And, it seems to me, it would have taken 
more coordination than I'm ever going to believe I could have exercised 
while asleep) and absolutely nothing in any of the documentation I've 
looked at has done anything to change  the behavior I'm now seeing. 

It's *ALMOST* like I've somehow built some sort of debugger macro that 
kicks in the first time I hit a breakpoint in a new debugging session. 
Except I can't find anything that permits doing such a thing (or UNdoing 
it, for that matter!) 

I'd be thankful if somebody could point me at a solution to this - it's 
driving me bonkers!

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2/11/2013 2:34:27 AM
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