QuickLook - Application UTI overriding QLGenerator UTI

Hm.. might be strange to write here something about programming macs, 
it seems ;-)

I wrote a .qlgenerator for a particular set of files and defined a 
supposedly correct set of "Imported Type UTIs" in the .plist file.

The form of those UTIs is "public.archive.xxx.yyy", where "xxx" is a 
vendor code and "yyy" is a particular file type.

I write "supposedly", because everything seems to work fine until I 
install the .qlgenerator on another computer running 10.5. There it 
just doesn't work. Using qlmanage command I found out that the 
generator plugin gets properly registered for the given UTIs but when I 
invoke it to show preview of a file it says that my files are of type 
"public.archive.yyy" "rather than "public.archive.xxx.yyy". I 
eventually found the reason for that: On that sedond computer, there is 
an application installed, which defines those UTIs and registers itself 
as "Editor". The application does not provide QuickLook plugin but 
renders mine unusable anyway.

How can I make sure that my plugin will be used, even if someone has 
this (or similar) application installed?

5/28/2013 12:47:31 PM
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