Mail and attachments

I have noticed an odd bit of behavior with my system and forwarding 
email that come in with attachments. I am running the latest version of 
pretty much everything under OS X V10.3.2 on a G5.

When an email comes in with a bunch of jpg attachments mail opens them 
up just fine in an in line display. When I forward the mail it gets 
really strange. I found out because a couple of recipients took the time 
to tell me about it. What seems to be happening is that mail duplicates 
each of the jpg files as a tiff file. I saved one as a draft message and 
then opened it up. The attachment list at the top showed 8 jpg 
attachments which was correct. When I scrolled through the message, 
however there were 8 tiff pictures followed by 8 jpg pictures. Needless 
to say it increased the size of the message quite a bit. I can select 
the tiff files and then delete them from the message and all is as it 
should be.

I got the same results with a different message so the behavior is 
consistent. Anybody have any ideas?


wleeper (143)
2/17/2004 2:48:01 AM
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