Microsoft CMO: Forced Windows 10 upgrades were 'pretty painful'


This year, Microsoft pushed users on taking advantage of its 
offer to upgrade their PCs to Windows 10 for free. That meant 
the company used a variety of tactics to get people to install 
an updater and run it to replace their old operating systems 
with the new one.

Overall, Microsoft got the balance right between being too 
aggressive and getting users to upgrade, Microsoft Chief 
Marketing Officer Chris Capossela said in a Windows Weekly 
interview. But he did admit that Microsoft stepped out of line 
at one point with a change that confused and dismayed a number 
of users.

�There was one particular moment ... where the red �x� in the 
dialog box, which typically means, you know, �cancel,� didn�t 
mean cancel,� he said. �And within a couple of hours of that 
hitting the world, with the listening systems we have, we knew 
that we had gone too far."

12/24/2016 7:15:35 PM
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