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On Friday, December 23, 2016 at 7:40:28 AM UTC-7, Marek Novotny wrote:
> On 2016-12-23, Snit <usenet@gallopinginsanity.com> wrote:
> > Marek has decided if *I* cannot replicate the behavior of a script that=
> > wrote, and one he does not even deny works on macOS just fine, this is
> > somehow a failure of macOS (he does not say how, but, hey, this is his
> > conclusion... as irrational as it is).
> Nope, added another lie of michael glassers endless quotable lies.=20

"You throw "it" in my face... something which you can do, which I never sai=
I could do, which you have admitted requires you to have some host I do not=
and for which I did not do." - Snit


Why categorize the entire episode as one lie when it encompasses several? F=
or example, his claim of requiring him to use a fixed host is a lie; that i=
t was made in the larger context of another lie shouldn't affect the overal=
l number of his lies when tallying.

> Your task is you use your Mac to show it is easier than the competition t=
> do what I did. No scripting required. It's a mac after all. Why would
> you need that old BASH scripting thing... Use the GUI. Use your brain.
> Use the nectar of the Gods if you like. I chose the bash shell and
> OpenVPN, both open source. But you can use any VPN, closed or open. Any
> util from the Apple Store. Any app you purchase. ANYTHING at all. Guess
> Glasser can't show how the Mac makes this easier than the competition.=20
> Hey Michael, why not talk of technology?
> Why do you focus on me so much, making up fan fiction.

Hehe ;) When he's closer to staying on topic his other focus is on the 'GUI=
',  which, despite his confusion, is not the same thing as 'the desktop'. N=
otably, he approaches things from the viewpoint of the "average" user (mark=
etshare arguments abound). His problem is that some of his challenges are b=
eyond the "average user", as evidenced by his forays into scripting. Someti=
mes he purposefully blurs the lines on things, I'm not sure that's the case=
 with the challenges, though, it might be... but I suspect he just overstep=
ped without realizing how idiotic he appears.

> Sure do beg for my attention every day. HAHHAHAHA

You have it all "wrong", it's everyone else who is begging for his attentio=
n <eyeroll>.
12/23/2016 5:48:19 PM
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