ANN: Fly Text to PDF - Convert your text file into PDF

Hi All:

Fly Text to PDF 1.3 is powerful tool which can convert your text files
into PDF. This tool is powerful converter tool running on Microsoft
Windows Operating System. You can use this tool to convert your text
report, text documents and other text files into PDF quickly and
easily. You also can set the PDF properties in each text files by using
special tags, or set the default properties for every output PDF files.

Please visit our website for more information:
For the output sample, please click on:

Key features:

Make color text
You can set the color for every text by using !!color_rgb tag in text
file, when Fly Text to PDF tool read the tag, the output text after the
tag will change to the color what are you specified in tag value. You
can also set the color back to default after the text end. For example,
if you want to set some text to red, please insert the red color tag
before the text and then insert a black color tag after, just like:
!!color_rgb="255,0,0"Red text!!color_rgb="0,0,0"

You can set the font for output text on everywhere
You can set the text font by using font tag. After the font tag, all
output text font will be changed. The avaiabled font name is "Courier",
"Courier-Bold", "Courier-Oblique", "Courier-BoldOblique", "Helvetica",
"Helvetica-Bold", "Helvetica-Oblique", "Helvetica-BoldOblique",
"Times-Roman", "Times-Bold", "Times-Italic", "Times-BoldItalic",
"Symbol". For example, if you want change the font to
"Helvetical-Oblique", please using tag
!!font_name="Helvetical-Oblique"sample text

Set output page size of PDF
You can set page size on everywhere of the text file, but only the
first page size tag is effectual. For examle, if you set the page width
at the top of the text file, and you have another page width tag
specified at the middle of the text file, the page width of the output
PDF is the first width value, and the second width tag that specified
at the middle of the text file is ignored.

Set output page margins(left, top, right, bottom)
The margin tags set the margin on each page of output PDF. Just like
page size tag, only the first tag is effectual, other same tag for
margins is ignored.

You can write the page number on each output pages of PDF
Set page number on every pages of output PDF is easy, you just turn the
output page number tag to true. Add !!show_page_no="true" to the text
file, the page number will be wrote at the bottom of every page.

You can add hyperlink for some text
Please use tag !!url="http://www.yourlink.com" to set the hyperlink,
after the tag, all text on output PDF will be clicked to the url what
are you specified, to stop the hyperlink on output PDF, please use
!!url="" to avoid it.

You can special the PDF properties on output PDF file(including
Subject, Title, Keywords, Creator, Author)
Set properties for output PDF by using tags. For example, if you want
to set Title property, please write this to your text file: !!title="My
example title", or if you want to set Subject property, please use
!!subject="My example subject", etc.

You can set the space between line

The tool is easy to use, you can easily write your batch(.bat) file
including this tool to convert your text files into PDF

Please let us know if you have problems.
Best regards,
MedaFan Technology

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