msg seen on a web blog

Whilst posting to http://onlineblog.com/ I got the following error

"Error: This IP has been blocked."

This from 'Guardian Online's weblog' the official Guardian online blog
where apparently only opinions in agreement with the blogs' guardians
are allowed - Neil McIntosh and the redoubtable Jack Schofield. Tell
us what kind of a blog is it that rejects comments except where they
agree with the blog writers prejudice ?

They claim it's just a blog. But how many blogs get a link on the
Guardians OnLine page. How many bloggers get to write opinion pieces
for the Guardian ?

How much would it cost to buy those column inches as advertising ?
The blog is strangely in agreement with the prejudices expressed on
the blog - Microsoft = good, Apple = bad, Atari = was good.

If these two tech journalists want to post opinions to a blog, let
them do it anonymously. Otherwise I have every right in posting a
reply to the blog. Or to the comment page of the Guardian. Not that
they are ever published.

2/14/2004 4:22:37 PM
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