Solaris 11, CUPS and RBAC

I will be migrating a customers CUPS config from their S10 servers to 
their fresh S11 implementation, and have two questions (below).

Copying across the current setup detail and applying it seems straight 
forward enough.

They have asked for non-root user access to be setup, which I can 
achieve by adding users to the "sys" group.

By default I see that with the S11 CUPS implementation SystemGroup is 
set to "sys root".

Q1) I am curious as to why "sys" is used and not "lp" ? (as that appears 
to work OK when i have experimented on my own kit.)

I also had a look at setting up RBAC, I see there is a profile available.

I added it to my user, and then tried to administer printers (without 
being in the SystemGroup). CUPS would not allow any actions. This was 
via the browser interface.

Q2) Should CUPS/RBAC work, and if so did I miss something obvious ?


Bruce Porter
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12/16/2016 12:03:47 PM
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