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Mac Address Spoofing Report
Victor J. Canny D.
Abstract: Mac address can uniquely identifies each node of a network,
ISPs and network administrators use mac address to manage their pc
users. PC users may want to spoof mac address so that he need not to
contact with ISP for a new network interface card (NIC); PC users may
want to hide his mac address so that totally hide his information on
the internet.
Mac address, short for Media Access Control address, is a hardware
address that uniquely identifies each node of a network.
It means, in a local area network (LAN) or other network, the MAC
(Media Access Control) address is your computer's unique NIC number.
(On an Ethernet LAN, it's the same as your Ethernet address.) When you
browser the Internet with your computer (or host as the Internet
protocol thinks of it), a correspondence table relates your IP address
to your computer's mac address on the LAN. This table often organized
by your computer's router or your ISPs.
The MAC address is used by the Media Access Control sublayer of the
Data-Link Layer (DLC) of telecommunication protocols. There is a
different MAC sublayer for each physical device type. The other
sublayer level in the DLC layer is the Logical Link Control sublayer.
Mac address is a physical address of nics, it is not easy to be
spoofed. However, Spoofing mac address could be useful to:
You don't blow your time calling the ISP and ask them to update the
registered MACaddress to match the new hardware. Some Cable Modem ISP's
assign IP addresses base on the PC's MAC addresses. For whatever
reason, if you need to swap 2 PC's regularly to connect to the cable
modem, it would be a lot easier to change MACaddresses rather than to
change Network Interface Card (NIC).

You can scan the MacAddress of destination computer.
You can perform security checking on MAC Address based authentication
and authorization systems
You can build Stand-by (offline) systems with the EXACT same
CompterName, IP, and MACADDRESSES as the Primary Systems. If Stand-by
systems should be put online, NO arp table refresh is necessary, which
eliminates extra downtime.
Test network management tools .
Some software can ONLY be installed and run on the systems with
pre-defined MAC address in the license file. Now you can install one of
these applications to another system with a different NIC.
Troubleshoot Network problems. Arp Tables, Routering, Switching,...
This paper will propose methods of spoofing mac address.

1 Automatic spoofing mac address under win95/98/nt/2000/2003/xp
A much easier method to change MAC address under Windows is to use the
a-mac address change utility. It based MAC address that is interpreted
by the network adapter device driver, which eventually pass to Windows
operating system.
By using a-mac utility, you can:
spoof Mac Address As Easy As 1-2-3! Three Steps And You're Done! Here's
All The "Technical" Stuff You Need To Know...

Step #1 Is So Easy...
Select the Ethernet networks cards which you want to change MacAddress.
Then, There's Step #2...
Input the new MacAddress
And Finally, Step #3...
Click "change to" button, OK!!!
2 Troubleshooting of spoofing mac address by a-mac address change
2.1 Not getting the new MAC address just updated?
MAC addresses must obey IANA Number Assignments database. For example,
"00-00-00-00-00-00" is not a valid MAC address, therefore, even though
you can update this address, it may be rejected by the NIC device
driver because it is not valid, and Phisical MAC address will be used
instead. Even "00-00-00-00-00-00" may be accepted by the NIC device
driver, however, the device will not function.
You can find the information at
http://www.iana.org/assignments/ethernet-numbers.htm. The latest MAC
address Organization Unique Identifier (OUI) listing is available at
2.2 Still having problem after I choose right mac address
You ISPs or router may demand for special mac address or special mac
address-ip combination. At this time, you can use a-mac address change
to scan mac address first, then use the scanned mac address-ip
combination to spoof a new mac address. Make sure there is no two
computer with same mac address-ip combination active together, other
there may be network problem.
Some time you can visit http://www.whatismyip.com to find your true IP,
which can help you to scan mac address of your local network.
3 Conclusion
a-mac address change works good on all windows system and better
meeting the using of spoofing mac address.



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